Eating your way through life

It was Saturday, and I was hanging out at my girlfriend’s house. I made myself a breakfast of eggs, waffles, toast, bacon, sausage, hash browns and coffee. After eating, I threw my clothes from the previous day into the washer and flung myself onto the living-room couch. My girlfriend’s iPad was lying on the coffee…… Continue reading Eating your way through life

Never make the same mistake twice — even if you’re not sure what it is

As we drove out of the shop one morning, Crew Leader Carl stopped at the office to talk to the owner, Benito. The crew waited in the truck while Carl went inside. Several minutes later, Carl returned looking pale and trembling. He hopped behind the wheel and lit a cigarette, his hand shaking. “Are you…… Continue reading Never make the same mistake twice — even if you’re not sure what it is

Always dress to impress

I was loading the truck one morning when Shoemaker, the shop superintendent, approached me with another man walking beside him. “Hey, Peter,” Shoemaker said. “I’d like to introduce you to Ron. Today’s his first day, so I want him to work with you to learn the ropes.” “Sounds good,” I said, shaking Ron’s hand. “Welcome…… Continue reading Always dress to impress

Seeking professional expertise 

It was a sweltering summer morning, and we were working at one of our newer accounts. All of us on the crew were scurrying around mowing, pruning and pulling weeds, while Crew Leader Carl stood with his arms crossed, supervising. The front door opened, and the homeowner came hobbling out. He was an older man…… Continue reading Seeking professional expertise 

No call, no show — no work

One of the guys on the crew unexpectedly quit, so Benito hired a man named Marc to replace him. Marc was large and rough-looking, with tattoos covering his face and neck. If you tried speaking to him, he’d only glower and grunt. After a week, Marc didn’t show up one morning. The crew remained at…… Continue reading No call, no show — no work

Requisitioning a company vehicle

It was a chilly summer morning. We were all at the shop, loading the truck with our mowers and tools. As I climbed into the backseat, Benito, the owner, grabbed my wrist and yanked me back out. “You’re not working with them today!” he said. “I need you to do a job with Bryce!” “What…… Continue reading Requisitioning a company vehicle